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Happy clients

Nicki is bright, efficient, adaptable and a pleasure to work with. She also has good technical skills and sorted out a persistent problem I had with my emails which others could not fix.

Julian Coles


Finding Nicki at ‘Let Nicki Help’ has been a blessing.  She really helps!

Being a technophobe, Nicki patiently, and easily understands what my IT needs are.  She helps to organise my website,  social media, and general IT tasks. Her professional work ethic and communication style have added to the  ‘blessing experience’!  Thanks Nicki!!

Rochelle Bell

Run Body Run

Nicki was exactly what I was looking for. At first, I needed help updating my website. She took over the reins and managed to revamp my entire website so that it was more user-friendly. She was able to do this quickly and efficiently. She then helped consolidate my social media platforms. They are all now integrated. She has scheduled my posts so that they go out on time. I no longer feel rushed or overwhelmed. She keeps tracks of the analytics across ALL platforms. I never had this done before. I watch my audience and following grow, all thanks to Nicki. Nicki also keeps track of my inventory and is the go-to person for my stockists and clients. She is professional, creative and absolutely trustworthy.  I feel safe leaving my business in her hands when I cannot attend to matters or when I am away. Lastly, if there is an issue big or small, Nicki will find a solution. She is the best investment I have made for my business.

Mara Hotung

Gem Voyager

I own a bridal business and asked Nicki to revamp the company website. She built me a wonderful website, keeping me very informed along the way. Her suggestions were brilliant and the final website is lovely. Very fresh and appealing to my Brides. Nicki is very approachable,  always professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her for your business needs. Amazing value for money. Thank you so much, planning a website was an absolute minefield for me but Nicki made the whole process so easy.

Lou Slaughter

Eva Rose Bridal

Nicki designed the logo for my virtual assistant business. She was fantastic, I wasn’t keen on my original colours so she designed a new logo with the new colours which I was very happy with. She offered a good variety of designs to choose from and was very helpful throughout the whole process.

Helen English

Medical Virtual Assistant

Nicki has been amazing designing a logo for me. I needed quite a bit of guidance as the only thing I knew were the colours I wanted to use. Nicki listened to all my wishes and gave great advice regarding font, size, icon etc. She is highly professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her.

Linda Semeins-Allen

Clever Pins

I worked with Nicki for several years in the corporate world and since September 2018 Nicki has been supporting me and the team at the Internet Commission, a small NGO start-up. Nicki is a very professional, flexible, dependable, trustworthy and responsive virtual assistant.

Jonny Shipp

The Internet Commission

Nicki has been amazing in creating a professional webpage for my new VA business, she knew exactly what I wanted even though I couldn’t picture it myself. I can’t recommend Let Nicki Help enough, I will definitely be using Nicki for any/all future work.

Amy Shaw

Amy Shaw Virtual Assistant

Nicki has designed various print and digital documentation for us including our recent corporate brochure, magnetic event invitations, tri-fold brochure, feather flags, internal flyers and business cards. Nicki is great to work with and remained sympathetic to our needs and brand. Highly recommended.

Claire West

Hamilton Specialist Referrals

Nicki started out creating a flyer for me and went on to redesign our website and logo! To coordinate with the refreshed website, Nicki also designed business cards, a promotional brochure and social media pages for Brinkman Pro Ltd.  Nicki now manages our website and advertising each month and is always happy to assist with ad hoc VA duties. I highly recommend her services.

Sascha Haubrich

Brinkman Pro Ltd

Nicki assisted me in pulling together the branding and colour scheme for my two recruitment businesses People Alignment Ltd & Fashion Alignment. Nicki has designed our logos and websites with individual branding but ensuring a similar look and feel for both sites. In addition, Nicki has designed brochures and business cards for both businesses. We now work together on an ongoing basis and Nicki maintains both sites by updating job vacancies on the website and managing our social media pages.

Avril Jones

People Alignment | Fashion Alignment | Sports Alignment

Nicki was a true pleasure to work with on my WIX website. She was highly responsive, knowledgeable and knew exactly what I was looking for and how to create it. I am very thankful that I found her at a time that I needed to have my website not only up and running, but looking polished and professional.

Krista Basis

Writer | Blogger | Social Media Manager

Nicki has done a fantastic job of holding the fort for me while I have been on holiday for near on a month. Being a business owner it can be difficult to hand over the reins of something you have personally built up and love. But Nicki made the whole process simple and easy. I wouldn’t trust just anyone to look after my baby (my business is my baby) 😉 I highly recommend letting Nicki look after things for you. Thank you Nicki, you have done an amazing job!

Sophie Watson

Sophie Watson Therapy

Nicki is hardworking, reliable, professional, and a safe pair of hands. I’ve never known her to miss a deadline. On a personal note, she’s great to work with, she’s fun and full of ideas. She gets what you need and delivers. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Amanda Jones

Crimson Tree Consultancy

Nicki was my Personal Assistant for over 10 years. and was a hardworking, creative, member of our fast-paced, multinational Brand team. Responsible for balancing the busy activities for myself and the team, Once of her biggest skills was her ability to learn and master new technology. With a flair for designing presentations, many of which were presented at board level.

Peter Holmes


I have known the amazingly lovely, efficient and creative Nicki for more than a decade.  I always felt secure working with Nicki (in fact we sat next to each other for a year or so) because if I didn’t have the answer to something, she would.  And if she didn’t she would find an answer!  Nicki never ceases to amaze me with her talents both in the workspace and in her family life.  And she has a wicked sense of humour!  Overall, and without a doubt, (hyperbole doesn’t enter into this) Nicki is a very safe, hard-working and honest pair of hands and I would thoroughly recommend her to the most demanding and particular of clients.

Shona Winnington


Nicki has supported me for several years.  Nicki is flexible and able to easily adapt herself to a situation, she understands the digital world we all now work in, keeps up-to-date with social media and technology.  As PA to a busy Director and department, Nicki has been involved in dozens of creative projects as part of the Brand team at Telefonica.  In addition, Nicki is very proficient in pulling together online presentations and is a stickler for detail. With her high standards and great attention to detail, I would highly recommend working with her.

Lindsey Morrell



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